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How the engineers of the MAM Institute help you to understand the real issues and challenges?


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Hardware - Software - Manpower - Expertise

6 aeras of expertise

Today, no one has been trained to acquire the multiple competencies required by Metal Additive Manufacturing. With more than 25 years of experience in this field, Multistation has developed 6 areas of expertise:

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Who is it for?


No future development without MAM

Easy manufacturing of complex pieces

MAM uses a complete digital chain with the latest software upgrades

Individualization, adaptation and customization of the products

The right powder for the right design for the right process

Better environment impact


Production of more complex parts with less assembly

Performance increase, such as mass reduction

Decrease in cost of raw materials, recyclability of powders, absence of shavings

Faster development cycles for new products

Reduced production cycle times and delivery times

Stock optimization

Innovative repair solutions

Eco friendly


Aerospace, aerostructures or engines, new and repair

Automotive, Formula 1

Power Gen for repair and production of new components

Shipyards and Railways repair

Health (dental, prosthesis...)

Consumers goods



  • "3D printing should not become a threat for men but a new tool"

    Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation

  • "Today, we need to be flexible, able to produce ultra-customized and individualized orders, while remaining within the equation of mass production"

    Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation


MAM is composed of a set of new disruptive processes completing or deeply modifying, in a durable and transverse manner, production techniques. It is an addition to existing techniques such as forging, casting or machining and allows producing parts which could not be achieved previously with traditional means.


MAM INSTITUTE’s engineers continually assess various DFAM operation solutions, and after appropriate consideration, will select the right ones to be able to provide training and services.


MAM Institute is offering, available from stock, different types of metal powders dedicated to the various metal additive manufacturing processes. We provide powders selected by machine manufacturers and source them as well from powder manufacturers referenced in additive manufacturing.


MAM Institute offers a wide range of metal additive manufacturing processes. Such machines are generally used by research centers, key OEM accounts or back office service providers.


According to the MAM processes used, the nature of the material and application requested, some post-treatments will be chosen to ensure quality parts in compliance with functional and metrological specifications. MAM Institute has a range of machines in all mentioned processes and can outsource some of the operations, when needed.

Quality control

MAM Institute provides X-rays tomographs services. MAM INSTITUTE has access to different CT’s equipment with sources comprised between 80 and 450 kV (soon 600 kV).

Human, Security, Environment

Special and permanent focus on Human Ressources in metal additive manufacturing.
Taking care about the protection of operators and environment.
Training and seminars on security are organised regularly by the MAM Institute.

Example of design of MAM center

We provide studies for design, engineering & implementation of MAM centers

We are one of the leading suppliers of turnkey solutions in the field of MAM for 10 years with international customers and top OEM references. We have the capacity to assist this project for private and public entities interested in developing an expertise in this field in their own countries. The whole process of implementation of such MAM Institute projects can be achieved within a 6 month-period.

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